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Please double check your address. If you are shipping to anywhere outside of the Western Cape, and your zip code is in this range from 1 to 7080 or 8105 to 9995 please make sure you have a minimum of 55 bags of wood in your cart. The wood that is delivered outside of the Western Cape is shipped in pallets, which consists of 55 bags of wood per pallet. This means that you can ONLY order 55 bags, 110 bags, 165 bags or 220 bags of wood.


Bearded-Dragon-Substrate-300x200Red Dune Sand

Colorado Rock is a decorative, clean and versatile way to add a touch of nature and beauty to any garden.  It never needs replacing and is virtually maintenance-free. It is very popular in the pet industry and used in Terrariums for reptiles of all kinds as well as spider enthusiasts. It does not fade and serves as a natural insulation in heat or cold. These beautifully decorative stones are used in pathways, ponds, birdbaths, ground cover, garden accents and drainage systems.



Colorado Rock

Colorado Rock is a decorative, clean and versatile way to add a touch of nature and beauty to any garden.  It never needs replacing and is virtually maintenance-free. It is very popular in the pet industry and used in Terrariums for reptiles of all kinds as well as spider enthusiasts. It does not fade and serves as a natural insulation in heat or cold. These beautifully decorative stones are used in pathways, ponds, birdbaths, ground cover, garden accents and drainage systems.


Dragon Rock

Dragon Rock is a desirable aquarium rock most often used when aquascaping planted aquariums. Its predominant scaly surface gives it its characteristic name of Dragon Rock.  It is a soft rock with incredible grooves and crevices, created naturally by Mother Nature.  They have minimal effect on the pH in the water, are easy to place, and give an immediate and stunning effect to any aquarium. They are the rock of choice by world famous Aquascaper, Oliver Knott.


Fossilised Wood Stone

“Fossilised wood” is a general term for wood that has been petrified or preserved by other methods of natural fossilisation. This rock is cut into shapes for making jewellery, bookends, table tops, clock faces, and many other crafts. It is also very popular for making beautiful aquarium landscapes and many reptile owners use it in their Vivariums and Terrariums.



Grey Mountain Rock

Grey Mountain Rock is an attractive rock that will enable you to achieve a truly beautiful natural aquarium. The close-up rugged structure and the various dimensions of these rocks are ideally suited for in natural aquariums of all sizes. Whether it’s a classical, Iwagumi Nature Aquarium or African Malawi Aquariums, these rocks are always a brilliant choice.  The average weight of the rocks is around 0.2-6kg. They vary in colour from grey-brown to almost black-white contrasts and have characteristic white veins running through them.  They are also popular amongst reptile hobbyists.



Leopard Stone

The name Leopard Rock can be applied to any rock that roughly resembles the coat of a leopard, i.e., spotted rocks with dark spots surrounded by a lighter coloured matrix.  It is popular in the pet trade due to its unusual and striking markings and colouring. It has also gained popularity with landscapers and garden designers as an attractive feature, as well as complimenting flowerbeds, pathways and water features.



Mini Landscape Rock

These rocks were almost created for aquariums. Their grooves, shapes and contours give the aquascaper and aquarium enthusiast so many choices, it can often be difficult to make up your mind about which way looks best.  Colours vary from light to dark grey. It has a minimal effect on pH and is not noticeable in planted aquariums. They are small and easy to place, and give an immediate impact to any aquarium. They are the favourite rock choice of world famous Aquascaper Takashi Amano due to their texture and size.



Moonstone Rock

Moonstone Rock is an ideal substitute for South Seas Rock which is sought after by many people who have marine aquariums.  It is lighter and cheaper than South Seas Rock.  This rock is suitable for any tank containing Cichlids or Marine fish.  Moonstone is a rock with an enormous diversity of uses. Most Moonstone is made into crushed stone, and used as a construction material. It is used as a crushed stone for road base and railroad ballast. It is used as an aggregate in concrete and is fired in a kiln with crushed shale to make cement. 


StoneWoodStonewood Rock

The name describes this rock perfectly.  A natural rock, that looks like ancient stone. It is great for aquariums, and creates a wonderful looking aquascaper tank.  Aquatic plants grow easily on and around this wood. It is also used by landscapers as an alternative to wood which may tend to rot and disintegrate in the garden.  Stonewood Rock gives the appearance of wood but is in fact durable and long-lasting.



Zebra Stone

Zebra rock is a marketing name for a decorative stone showing brown banding, and similar patterns.  Zebra rock has been used largely as an ornamental stone for carvings, some costume jewellery, inlays, paper weights and figurines. Several unique items of hollow ware, such as decorative vases and lidded pots, have been produced from zebra rock.  This rock is very scarce to obtain.



assorted colour


Beautiful and varied coloured River Pebbles roughly 2.5cm x 3cm, these gorgeous pebbles are great for pathways, and placing between stepping plates. Their different colours and hues make them an attractive feature for any garden. They are also safe for Aquarium use.


black marlin


This dark to almost black stone is very popular amongst garden designers and landscapers. It creates a striking contrast to any setting and is often found in walkways and garden paths. These pebbles are roughly 3.5cm -3cm in diameter. These natural stone pebbles are smooth to touch and great for bathroom floors or a kitchen backsplash.


bon bons


Bon Bon River Pebbles are large, oversized, round river stones. They are blue-grey to brown in colour and are approximately 120cm-11cm in size. They are a hard and durable stone, suitable for use as round gabion rock, drainage, erosion control and landscaping ideas.




These beautiful and colourful stones look as though you’ve stepped onto the beach. It is a very versatile stone and can be used in garden, landscaping designs and interior décor ideas. It is also a great stone to use DIY arts and crafts. It is approximately 2.5cm-2.8cm in size. They are also used in gas fire pits.


mosaic b


This gorgeous pebble is the most popular of all River Pebbles used to create mosaics for DIY arts and crafts, but more particularly for garden and landscaping mosaics. The wonderful shape of this pebble allows garden designers, landscapers and artists to create breath-taking and spectacular showpieces. It is an easy to pebble to work with is approximately 3.5cm-2cm in size. It has been used for centuries by ancient artists to create some of the most historic walls and floors throughout the world. One example is Dionysos House, found in Pafos Archaeological Park, Greece.




The warm and rich colour of these pebbles make them a favourite for Home décor ideas such as placemats for the table and doormats. They vary in size from 1cm-5cm. it is also used in landscaping and garden designs, adding depth, warmth and texture to any setting.




Plum River Pebbles are a beautiful decorative stone, very popular in gardens around the world. It is a very versatile pebble that can be used in driveways, garden borders, water features or even to suppress and control weeds. This pebble can fracture into flat pieces when being sized giving it a unique appearance. It is approximately 4.5cm-3cm in size.




This small pebble is approximately 1cm-0.5cm in size and is great for filling the gaps between large pebbles and stones in any garden or landscaping design. It is also used by interior designers to create a softer looking, natural stone floor that is easier to walk on.


whte b


White B River Pebbles range from an off-white greyish colour to a bright white. With their brilliance and stylish, naturally semi-polished edges, these river pebbles are suitable for rockeries, gardens and almost any decorative application..




River Pebble Tiles are tile mosaics made from various river pebbles.  They are sold by the m2. The smooth, organic surfaces of these pebble tile mosaics create a rustic, yet luxurious look in any room where they are used.




African Turquoise

African Turquoise is a type of Jasper and is not Turquoise at all. Real Turquoise is a rare gemstone whilst Jasper is abundant. African Turquoise is a form of chalcedony and has less regular patterns than that of quartz. They vary in colour and a great advantage of African Turquoise is that it is harder than Turquoise. At Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. we ensure that the product we sell to you is the natural stone, and has not been artificially dyed or enhanced in any way to try and represent real Turquoise.



Aventurine is a form of quartz. The most common colour is green, but it may also be orange, brown, yellow, blue or grey. Most stones are carved into beads and figurines with only the finer grades being used for fashion cabochons and in jewellery settings. Its name originates from the Italian a ventura or all’avventura, meaning “by chance,” and refers to the Italian glass from the 1700s, produced when a worker accidentally dropped metal filings into a vat of melting glass. The name Aventurine was later given to the natural stone which looked like the industrial product. Due to its gorgeous and rich green colour, it has often been mistaken for Jade and is in fact now used as an alternative, as real Jade is expensive and considered in some countries to be more valuable than gold or diamonds.



Black Stone is a rock fragment smaller than a cobble. Sizes of this gemstone range from 10mm to 150mm. Due to the effects of erosion; Black Stone gets naturally tumbled with flowing river water from mountains towards plains. It is a wonderful stone for landscaping and garden design, giving great contrast to any setting.



Budstone, also known as Verdite/African Jade/Buddstone, is a member of the Mica Group of gemstones. It is very popular amongst artists doing carvings due to its unusual green colouring, and the fact that is softer than other stones, making carving and sculpting a breeze. Verdite rough is no longer being exported outside Africa and is now difficult to obtain.


Green Quartz (9)Green Quartz

Green Quartz is just as unique and beautiful in its own way as purple quartz is. It adds beautiful colour and texture to any garden setting.

Picture Jasper

This stone with its natural tones and hues has become a sought after attraction in driveways, pathways and any area where a ‘normal’ garden would grow. It has also found popularity amongst landscapers and garden designers. Due to its unusual and striking patterns, River Jasper is being used more and more in modern homes for a natural stone finish in kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.


purplequartsPurple Quartz

Purple quartz is extremely popular because of its strikingly beautiful colour. It was once considered to be as precious as sapphires, rubies and diamonds, until large deposits were found in Brazil and other parts of the world. The better quality rocks are used predominantly in the jewellery and fashion markets. The purple quartz sold by Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. is used mainly in Landscaping and Horticultural businesses.


Red Jasper

Red Jasper is one of the oldest gemstones known. It is a beautifully coloured stone and is found naturally in a variety of shades and colours. The most common colour being a reddish earthy tone, streaked with veins of other colours, making it a vibrant stone with lively characteristics. It is one of the most popular stones used amongst landscapers and garden designers due to its fantastic colouring.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is often called the Love Stone due to its pinkish colour. It is an abundant and common stone. The pink colour of Rose Quartz ranges from a very light, almost imperceptible pink, to a rich translucent pink. It is usually cut into cabochons, beads, and faceted stones of about eight millimetres in size or larger to display the rich pink colour. Pieces of Rose Quartz, up to a few pounds in size with nice colour are usually available and relatively inexpensive. For that reason, it is commonly used to produce small sculptures, puffed hearts, spheres, and utility items.



A rich royal blue mineral widely enjoyed as an ornamental gemstone. It is an extremely attractive stone and used in a variety of ways. It is used extensively amongst tilers and builders for kitchen countertops, washbasins and splashbacks and various landscaping projects.

Tiger Eye Matrix

Tiger Eye Matrix forms part of the genuine Tiger Eye Stone, leaving the beautiful variations of purple, blue, green, brown and gold behind.




Unikite is a granite stone and good quality stones are considered semi-precious. They are used predominately for jewellery and carvings. It has unusual colouring, and is popular amongst landscapers and garden designers as an attractive feature or to enhance a showpiece.




White Quartz

White quartz is extremely popular with tilers and builders. With its beautiful and brilliant white colour it is a favourite to use in kitchens and bathrooms. It is a hard stone, making it durable and long-lasting.



With such a high demand for new and innovative designs, and the competition to have the latest trends and designs in homes and offices, Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. are continually exploring and manufacturing one-of-a-kind showpieces to enhance any room. Whether you are looking to redo an entire room or decorate a table for that special occasion, Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. has the right product for you. We also do customised pieces on special request.




abalone shells

Abalone Shells

The meat (foot muscle) of abalone is used for food, and the shells of abalone are used as decorative items, and as a source of mother of pearl for jewellery, buttons, buckles, candles and inlay. Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. has all the necessary permits and documentation in place to sell Abalone Shells and we only work with registered farmers who are governed by the Southern African authorities.




candle holdersCandle Holders

At Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd., we use natural products to make various and unique candle holders. They can be used around the home and are very popular with Wedding Planners and Decorators, as part of centrepieces at events and functions. Due to their beautiful and natural shapes and colours, they enhance any centrepiece and can often be the main attraction and a topic of discussion around the table.


Hides & Skins

Animal hides are stretched, dried, and tanned. The skins and hides supplied by Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. come from the finest specimens. No skin or hide is the by-product of caged hunting. Our products are of the finest quality and as no two animals are alike, each piece is uniquely beautiful and different.



Horns & Tusks

Horns are the pointed protrusions found predominantly on the head of animals such as antelope. Tusks are very similar to horns but are in fact teeth that are too large to fit in an animal’s mouth. Both are very popular amongst designers, decorators, sculptors and artists, due to their beautiful patterns, twist and twirls. Horns and tusks are used to create many unique and exquisite items, ranging from wall mounts to cigar cutters and bottle openers. Tusks are often used in jewellery.



Kudu Horns

Greater and lesser Kudu males have long, spiral horns and occasionally a female will have small ones. The greater Kudu’s horns are spectacular and can grow as long as 180cm, making 2 1/2 graceful twists. These beautifully shaped horns have long been prized in Africa for use as musical instruments, honey containers and symbolic ritual objects. Kudu horns are extremely popular and used extensively for making Shofars. Kudu horns were also originally used as ‘Vuvuzelas’, a musical form of instrument used by many soccer fans. It is called a ‘Kuduzela’. The horn inners are also cleaned and polished to a brilliant white and used to make lampstands, chandeliers and many other ornamental and decorative items.



Kudu Horn Shofars

We turn dirty and grubby Kudu horns into beautiful Shofars. We take the time to polish our horns, anything between 3-18 hours, depending on the size and quality of the raw horns, to ensure you buy a quality sound product. We have a variety of Shofars: fully -polished, half polished/half natural, and natural. Our horns range in length from 30cm – 120cm.



NHWOstrichOstrich Shells

The Ostrich Shells sold by Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. are purely for decorative purposes. We do not paint them or work artistically on them in any form. Artists and Curio Shops buy the Ostrich Shells from us wholesale, and then employ gifted craftsmen to paint and decorate these shells for sale to the public and tourist trade. All our Ostrich Shells are treated and cleaned to ensure that the product sold, is free of all yolk residue and bacteria, thereby ensuring that the Ostrich eggs sold by Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. are of a world class standard.


All skulls sold at Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. are cleaned to remove all meat residue and bacteria, ensuring that our customers buy a product that will enhance any room they are placed in and become a showpiece and fantastic topic of conversation. They are regulated by the Hunting Association, and Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. only works with companies that fall under this Association.



Succulent Rocks

With the revival of interest in growing succulents, there has been a flurry of magazine articles, books and TV programmes about how to go about creating a succulent garden. Succulents are a variety of cacti that are simple to grow. The plants adjust their roots to accommodate the amount of water they receive, meaning that you can miss a few waterings and the plants will adjust accordingly.



mupaneaquariumsMopane Roots – Aquariums

Mopane Roots are hard and heavy and therefore sink easily to the bottom of any aquarium. Certain fish like to feed off the wood. It is a pretty wood and due to each piece being completely different and unique from the next, Mopane Roots are an exquisite addition to any aquarium. Mopane Roots give off a reddish-brown colour to the water and it does not affect the pH levels of the tank. In fact Mopane Roots actually soften the water, making aquariums containing this wood ideal habitats for almost any fish or tropical aquatic creature. Excellent at reducing pH and softening water, it can be identified by its distinctive solid structure, bi-tone colours and nobule like growths that protrude from its lengths. Mopane is a stronger wood and an excellent supportive base for more intricate plants or driftwoods.


Mopane Roots – Vivariums

Mopane wood is a relatively heavy and robust wood type, which is perfect for Vivariums and Terrariums, offering reptiles plenty of climbing and hiding space. It is treated to ensure that all natural parasites that would hide in or on the wood, have been removed. This ensures that the Mopane Roots you purchase for your Vivariums and Terrariums, are healthy products and safe for your reptiles.



Mopane Roots – Decor

Mopane Roots with their amazing and unique shapes and colours can be used in so many ways to enhance your home, garden and tables. Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. is sought out by many Wedding Planners, Interior Decorators and Designers, as well as Landscapers and Horticulturists, for individual and specialised pieces for their work. We make sure that the product you receive is unlike any other and no other piece will ever be the same.






1braai knife
Braai Knife (Wooden Handle S/S)

Tongs (Stompie – Chrome)

3fireplace log stand
Fireplace Log Stand (M/S)

4Tongs (Long—Aluminium)
Tongs (Extra long – Aluminium)

5tongs salad
Tongs (Salad S/S)

6Grid Brush (Wooden Handle)
Grid Brush (Wooden Handle)

7Coal Scoop (MS)
Coal Scoop (M/S)

8Turbo Gas Lighter
Turbo Gas Lighter

Silicone Basting Brush Set (3 Piece)

10Tongs (Long—Aluminium)
Tongs (Extra long – Aluminium)

11Gas Boiling Table (Double) (CI)
Gas Boiling Table (Double C/I)

12Lid Lifter (Chrome)
Lid Lifter (Chrome)

13Tongs (Medium) (SS)
Tongs (Medium S/S)

14Braai Rake (MS)
Braai Rake (M/S)

15Basting Brush
Basting Brush

16Wire Grid Brush
Wire Grid Brush

17Braai Fan
Braai Fan

18Sandwich Maker
Sandwich Maker

19Jaffle Maker
Jaffle Maker

20Tripod (Medium) (MS)
Tripod (Medium M/S)

21Gas Lighters
Gas Lighters

Grid (Big Box M/S)

Grid (Galjoen M/S)

Smoker Oak Dust (315g)



The Charcoal sold by Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. is made from the invader/alien species such as various Acacia and other hardwoods. Mupane, however, is the best wood to use to make Charcoal, as it burns the longest, and it also makes the heaviest coal. It is not suitable for indoor fireplaces, especially fireplaces without covers, as the coal makes small shooting pieces and when hot, will ‘jump’ and land on carpets. Charcoal is only sold in 5kg and 10kg bags. The 10kg bags are sold to the restaurant trade and the 5kg sold for domestic braais.  The 5kg bags are sifted at 20-50mm, and the 10kg are sifted from 50mm and higher, meaning all our bags will contain maximum sized Charcoal pieces of 180mm pieces. Please bear in mind that due to transportation, Charcoal may break into smaller pieces.



Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. Briquettes are made of Charcoal fines less than 20mm, which is then compressed into a round ball.  Briquettes are mainly used for cooking in a Weber.  The process of making Briquettes is quite intensive, and as a result they are generally more expensive than wood. However, as they are compact, they are able to be packaged better and Briquette pieces fit easily into any space.





Firelighters are made from paraffin and chopped Apricot kernels.  Firelighters are small solid tablets and were designed to replace Kindling/Firestarter in starting a fire. Firelighters are typically used to start wood or coal fires.  


Firestarters/Kindling Wood

The Kindling/Firestarter wood sold by Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. is a combination of all our braai woods, chopped into finer pieces. Kindling/Firestarter wood is perfect for starting your braai and many people use them for their indoor fireplaces.

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Premium Wood Pellets are compressed wood. The idea that wood makes a great fuel source is ancient, but pellet manufacturers are transforming the process to make wood burn more cleanly and efficiently. Much of the pellet material comes from waste sawdust, shavings, and chips remaining after lumber production; this waste is then compacted into small, dense pellets, which burn more efficiently than other forms of wood. Their size and weight makes them easier to transport and store than traditional wood logs. It is a clean burning source of fuel, which contains no bark.  It is suitable for automated feeding combustion stoves as well as industrial boilers.  It is 6mm in size.



Eco Logs are an all wood product that is simply clean, dry sawdust and shavings that have been mechanically compressed to form a solid log. They offer many benefits over natural firewood because they are a manufactured product, i.e. they are subject to stringent quality controls during production. They can be safely used as a concentrated fuel source in all open fireplaces, wood burning heaters, combustion stoves and industrial boilers. As there are no chemicals, additives or binders used to hold the logs together, they can also be used as BBQ fuel.




Anthracite is a hard, compact variety of coal that has a submetallic lustre. It has the highest carbon content, the fewest impurities, and the highest calorific content of all types of coal except for graphite. Anthracite is the highest rank of coal. It has a carbon content of over 87% on a dry ash-free basis. Anthracite coal generally has the highest heating value per ton on a mineral matter free basis. It is used mostly for manufacturing processes such as plastics, roofing, linoleum, synthetic rubber, insecticides, paint products, medicines, solvents and synthetic fibres. Please note this fuel is not a braai fuel. It is very popular for enclosed fireplaces.




Blesbok is a dark red meat with a unique wild game taste and the flavour should never be masked.  It is used mainly in bredies and potjies. Due to its unique taste and texture, Blesbok makes a supreme Tartare and an excellent Carpaccio. Hamburger patties and meatballs never tasted this good.


game-meat-suppliersBlou/Blue Wildebeest

Blou/Blue Wildebeest has a robust texture but is extremely low in fat and very tender. It can be cooked in variety of ways whilst still retaining its taste. It is great for bredies and potjies and a well hung fillet is a winner cooked on the fire and served medium to rare.


eland sirloinEland

Eland meat is a low fat red meat and very juicy and tender. Steaks should be served medium to rare. The meat contains half the calories of Beef and 6x less fat. Well known dishes are rump, sirloin steaks and stroganoff cuts of meat for gourmet dishes. It is also great for making bobotie and meatballs.


gemsbok 2Gemsbok/Oryx

Oryx or Gemsbok meat is the superior meat choice. It is tender and smooth in texture, and can be used in many traditional beef recipes. It is an excellent choice for steaks and goulash and makes a wonderful and delicious sausage.



Goat is an extremely tender and tasty meat that works perfectly when cooked slowly. It is comparable to Lamb and Beef, but can sometimes have a subtle game flavour.  It is often used to make a delicious curry.


Impala filletImpala

Impala is a red meat very low in fat and has a medium grain texture. The meat is tender and should be served medium to rare. An assortment of dishes, are made from Impala, including roast leg or shoulder casseroles, steaks, rib rack, potjies and bredies.  Impala also makes a wonderful schnitzel.






kudu rumpKudu

Kudu is often said to be the best tasting game meat in the world. It is a very dry meat, so preparation and cooking must be done with care. It is also a very lean meat making it great for healthy eating. Kudu is renowned for its biltong and droerwors.





Ostrich meat is the best choice for the weight conscious consumer, as it is low in fat and lower in cholesterol than other red meats. This, as well as the iron content of ostrich meat, will greatly benefit people with an active lifestyle.



Quail meat is a sweet and delicate white game meat with extremely low skin fat, and low cholesterol value. The meat is rich in micronutrients and a wide range of vitamins.




Springbok meat is one of the finest game meats available today. With its fantastic red colour, fine thread and subtle sweet game tastes, this meat is a must try for all. It is a great tender meat, and makes excellent biltong, droerwors as well as a world class Carpaccio.





warthog strips with coriander


Warthog is a succulent low fat choice of meat. It compares favourably with other pork type meats but contains preferred fatty acids. It can be used in a variety of dishes, and is an excellent choice for making salami and an assortment of sausages. Unlike normal pork, warthog is darker in colour and the skin cannot be eaten.






Zebra meat is a beautiful deep red colour, has a medium grain and deliciously subtle game flavours. It is a very healthy meat, being lower in fact, low in cholesterol and high in protein. Be careful not to overcook this superb meat as it is very low in fat.


wild vines aquariumsWild Vines – Aquarium

Wild Vines are becoming increasingly popular amongst Aquascapers due to their exquisite twisted and knotted beauty. They are lighter than the traditional Mupane Roots used in aquariums. However, they can be secured to the bottom of a tank with rocks, sand or pebbles. Aquascaping is the art of setting up an aquarium to look as natural as possible, whilst also creating an award-winning showpiece. Wild Vines are perfect for creating underwater forests and trees, as moss and other plants grow easily on them. They do release a light colour and tannins like Mupane Roots, so it is best to soak the vines for approximately a week before adding them to your tank.


wild vines vivariumsWild Vines- Vivarius

Wild vines are extremely popular among reptile owners and collectors, due to their beautiful twisted and knotted beauty. All the wild vines sold by Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. have been cleaned and treated to ensure they are free of any parasites that would normally live in the wood, thereby ensuring that the products you buy from our company are safe for your pets and livestock.


Wild Vines – Aviaries

Wild Vines are extremely popular amongst bird lovers due to their wonderful twisted and knotted shapes. Parrots absolutely love playing on these vines, and a ladder or swing made from Wild Vines, will keep birds occupied and happy for hours. The Wild Vines sold at Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. have been cleaned so that there is no risk of birds eating or pecking at the vines, getting sick.

Wild Vines in Decor

Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. is continually exploring and manufacturing one-of-a-kind showpieces to enhance any home or office. One of our new and signature products is Wall Mounts. Made from beautiful and naturally twisted Wild Vines, we manipulate and work this beautiful wood into exquisite pieces of artwork such as hearts, moons, squares and fish shapes.




Sekelbos is an alien pest in Namibia.  Rainfall determines how thick the tree will be.  We import it because the quality is so much better than the local Spicebush. Sekelbos burns hot with big high red/orange vibrant flames.  It is a clean burning wood with a very distinctive smell when burning, and is fantastic for naturally adding flavour to your meat while it cooks. For this very reason, a number of clients buy the bark of the Sekelbos.  The coals burn long and outlast Rooikrans for 3-4 hours while still maintaining their heat. Sekelbos with all its flavour, passionate and colourful flames is by far the best selling wood.  


Kameeldoring is a hardwood and due to its density is considered an Iron Wood. Iron Wood has a density of 936 p-m3 and more, and as these woods are protected species, they are illegal to harvest and transport whilst alive. (The woods sold at Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. are legal and their density is within the lawful requirements.) Kameeldoring has a red/orange flame and is tamer than its wild counterpart   Sekelbos. Once you’ve got this fire kindled and on the go, expect to spend the rest of your evening being ‘transported’ to the bushveld, as the wonderful wild smell of this wood drifts across the air. Kameeldoring is wonderful for those evenings where you want to socialise and catch up with friends and family.  It burns longer than Sekelbos and since the coals last longer, there’s time to eat and enjoy the company of loved ones.


The Mupane Tree can live between 800 to 2500 years before it dies and falls over. They are an extremely hardwood and even termites avoid eating them.  The reason they may die earlier is due to natural causes such as lightning or drought Mupane trees love growing between rocks and on mountains. They are considered a weed and a problem in Namibia. The problem in Namibia is so great that approximately 35 000 tons of alien wood is exported out of Nambia every month, and nearly 80% of this wood is used to make Charcoal. It is the longest burning wood that we sell, and is the most popular wood for the fireplace.  It has a small blue/ purple flame and the coals retain their heat long after the fire is dead.



Phillip is the Director and Owner of Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. He started the company in 2005 whilst still studying Marketing at Durbanville College. Despite many people’s doubts that selling wood could be a business and make money, Phillip became the owner of a company that is creating job opportunities, exporting products to 34 different countries worldwide and is the No. 1 supplier of premium braai woods in South Africa. In March 2016, Phillip moved to his own premises with plans to expand the factories and business before the end of the year.