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NAMIBIAN HARDWOOD PTY LTD is now permitted to further deliver Braai and firewood, coal and charcoal to homes under the Government Gazette.

We are now officially an authorised essential service provider, and all our staff is now in possession of the 11B (3) permits as required by our Government to deliver services.

Coal and wood are used by many people for cooking and producing heat during cold days. It is an important fuel factor needed by most and used for survival purposes.

We are taking the lockdown with the safety factors extremely serious and want to make sure that our clients and staff are well informed and safe during all times. Protective wear such as masks, and gloves are used during this time to avoid any spread or contamination if any as required by the Department of Labour act.

How to order, what to know?

    • Kindly proceed placing your order online as always and use any of the 3 payment options we offer. We do NOT accept
      cash. We are fully stocked and ready to supply any quantities unless the site shows no stock.
    • We will not be offering our unpacking service during lockdown as we respect social distancing and want to avoid
      moving in and around your property – we shall however still stack the bags at a safe area on your property.
    • Deliveries will only be done on Thursdays and Fridays from 8am-5pm; VIP selection is Not needed.
    • Once on route, we shall call you to ensure your side gate, main gate, or garage will be open for us to deliver. Please
    • ensure you do not make contact to any of our staff and kindly respect the social distancing factor during delivery.

You are welcome to request our Document issued by the Commissioner of Companies & Intellectual Property Commission, and Regulation 11B (3) form.

Feel free to place your order anytime, we are here to serve!

Thank you for the ongoing support, and please be safe, and enjoy your fire!

Kind regards