Last updated 18 May 2021


Namibian Hardwood (Pty) Ltd  are offering their customers the opportunity to win a variety of promotional items to usher in the winter season. There are a variety of items on offer with the main prize a Fireplace for one customer. Additionally you can win braai accessories up to the value of R200 or your next order for free up to the value of R1,000. We will be providing weekly and monthly give aways to customers of the onlines tore.


  • Start Date : 18 May 2021
  • End Date : 24 September 2021
  • Please note that these dates are subject to change E&OE


You are required to place and complete an order on the online store for any item to qualify. Once completed you are automatically entered into the weekly and monthly promotions as well as the Fireplace.  Although not a condition to enter the competition – you are encouraged to like the Namibian Hardwood Facebook page as well as the Fireplace company Facebook page. Additionally to share the competition post on your timelines to with others. To receive the 10% discount weekly voucher you are required to review us on Google Reviews, Facebook, Hello Peter or our Feedback from. To be a valid entry your order needs to be paid for. You need to be a resident of South Africa to be eligible for any of the prizes.


  • 1 X Knysna Fireplace to be awarded on the 24th of September 2021
  • DAILY discount vouchers for your next order. To qualify you will need to review us on Facebook, Google, Hellopeter or our Feedback from and email us at [email protected] after you have reviewed us. The maximum discount amount of 10% will be awarded and can only be used once
  • WEEKLY lucky draw to win items from our online store such as braai accessories, fire lighters, braai grids etc. There is a limit of R200 on the weekly draws for the promotional items. And unless you have an order with us in the future are encouraged to collect this at one of your nearby branches.
  • MONTHLY lucky draws to win your next order for free up to the value of R1,000. You will receive a voucher to be used on the online store for your next order


Winners will be announced on Social Media and via Telephone. By entering this competition you give the right to Namibian Hardwood (Pty) Ltd as well as The Fireplace company to tag you in social media after prizes have been awarded.

The Fireplace you could win is an end of line 8Kw Knysna Fireplace that is not represented on The Fireplace company website, however is similar to the Kimberley fireplace. The Fireplace is enough to warm up a single or double story house. You will only pay a nominal installation fee directly to our partner; The Fireplace Company.  Installation is also dependant on the guidance of The Fireplace Company as well as your physical premises.

No family members or representatives or associates of Namibian Hardwood (Pty) Ltd or The Fireplace company are eligible to enter the competition. The draws are conducted at random and will be conducted independently. The allocation of prizes is final. You are not eligible to win more than one of the weekly or monthly prizes. However if you have won a prize you are still eligible to with the Fireplace. The vouchers and prize redemption expires on 31 December 2021


By entering this competition you waive any claims or recourse against Facebook for whatso ever reason. You also agree to indemnify and waive any recourse that you would like to take against Namibian Hardwood (Pty) Ltd or The Fireplace company for not being completely satisfied of the results of the competition. You also agree to not defame any of the brands or products should you not be satisfied with the results of the competition.The competition and offers are in no way endorsed or associated with Facebook. You further agree that Facebook is in no way liable to you or anyone else for anything arising out of this competition and you thereby completely release Facebook from any liability.  The details of the competition are subject to change at any time without notice. Redemption of stock items are subject stock availability. Delivery of any stock items is not included.


If you have questions or comments about this competition, please contact us on [email protected] or submit our online form.