Below is a list of payment details that you can use to complete your order. Please note that payment is required beforehand to schedule delivery. Cash is only accepted in store, and not for deliveries. Please note that if you have selected VIP Shipping to kindly select pay and clear immediately via your online banking. This will allow us to allocate your delivery ASAP. Once your payment has been completed please supply us with your proof of payment to [email protected] to allocate your order for delivery if paying via EFT.

Select to pay via EFT into our bank account directly. Please note that orders are only allocated when funds clear in the bank account. Depending on the bank you are paying from this may take a few days to reflect. for VIP deliveries kindly select immediate payment to avoid any delays in delivering your order.


  • Bank: ABSA
  • Account number: 4085098234
  • Branch code: 632005
  • Order number as your reference
Pay U Logo (1)

PayU allows you to pay with your supported cheque or credit card. PayU process your order amount on our behalf quickly and easily. Please note that you may be required to verify the payment using 3D secure and a OTP. This option is only available when generating a new order and selecting the PayU Option on the checkout page. Pay U transactions usually reflect within the same day.


SnapScan allows you to pay the order total via the SnapScan URL or via the QR code to the right using the SnapScan mobile app. Please ensure your SnapScan details are up to date on the App and that you have a card added before proceeding to payment. Snapscan transactions usually reflect within the same day