Smog Burger

Burger recipe

Pizza fans will appreciate that this burger is quite clearly inspired by the SMOG pizza; Salami, Mushroom, Onion and Green Pepper. It’s a globally popular flavour combination for wood-fired pizzas and here we’re adapting it for the South African braai fire. Combine the four with some braaied chicken breasts and fresh fire-toasted rolls and you […]

Peanut butter & jam chicken wings with blue cheese dipping sauce.

It sounds like a strange combination, but think about it. A spicy, nutty sauce with just a hint of sweetness, that is caramelised onto the tastiest part of the chicken. These wings also hold the perfect amount of heat, to give you that little kick. Dunk all of that into a punchy, creamy, blue cheese sauce, and finish it off with […]

Perfect for holidays braaied sweetcorn with three dipping sauces

Use our ideas for dipping sauces here or experiment with what you’ve got at home and enjoy that slightly charred sweetcorn deliciousness. Ingredients Prep time: 10 min | Cooking time: 10 min | Serves 6–8 people 6–8 sweetcorn on the cob 50 g butter, melted Salt and pepper to taste For the herby mayo 100 g mayonnaise (we […]