Braaied crayfish with roasted garlic and parsley butter

For something different on the coals try this delicious prawn/crayfish recipe. You will need the following ingredients: Main Ingredients 4 crayfish, or king prawns Garlic and parsley butter 1 head PnP garlic clove, roasted 125 grams PnP butter 1 grated lemon peel and juice 80 ml PnP chopped parsley 1 pinch PnP salt 4 lemon […]

Tips for the perfect braaibroodjie

Everyone knows that the secret to a South African’s heart is a yummy braaibroodjie. A braaibroodjie is suppose to be cheesy, delicious and perfectly braaied. But what exactly is the secret to a perfect braaibroodjie? Here are a few tips, via Food24: The Bread Don’t bother too much about spending a fortune on fancy artisan loaves. You […]