General and Economic Delivery Option Terms and Conditions:

* EFT’s to be paid UPFRONT and POP sent to: info

[at] we don’t accept COD unless a special arrangement has been made.

* Deliveries will only be done, once the EFT payment reflects in our account.

* Small shipping fee could be added depending on the area we need to deliver.

* Depending on which areas we cover daily, will depend on which day your order will be delivered. We cover areas A-B-C . Not A-Z-E-H-R-T.

* We shall notify you once delivery will be done 6 – 24 hours in advance either by sms, email or call. ( Most of the times a day before we can deliver to you )

* We can’t guarantee delivery times, as some places takes longer to offload than others, ( traffic plays a big role too )

* Areas with steep hills will be delivered after 12pm -9pm, due to heavy weight vehicle risk.

* Our delivery times start 7am to about 9:00pm at peak ( please allow us to accept wood that time of the evening as we strive to keep all our customers happy with  the great demand we have. ) – Most of the times we do phone clients after 7pm for permission

* Our Driver assistant could phone/ sms you to notify if your delivery is next – please notify if needed.

* Once the delivery truck is on their way to you, and the customer do not respond / answer their phone, their delivery will be rescheduled until we cover the area again, and cannot guarantee when this could be. (3-7 workings days) – please make sure you have your phone with you at all times.

* Unpacking will be an extra cost which a new invoice needs to be created, unless you have selected the unpacking option on the website ( we stack the bags where ever you would like if you don’t want unpack ) Click Here to view the price of unpacking of wood / to add to your order.

* Any cancelations will incur a 10% pay back fee.

VIP Terms and Conditions:

* VIP Special delivery for any given dates / times to be made either by email/phone or online through the website. Click Here to add VIP delivery which is applicable to any size delivery ( separate running vehicle ) 

* Delivery placed after 1pm will not be delivered the same day, but the next. Please select your time you request delivery.

* Any cancelations will incur a 10% pay back fee.

* VIP shipping is required in areas that are not accessible for normal deliveries by a truck

Outside of Western Cape Terms and Conditions:

* A minimum order of 55x 18kg bags firewood ( 1 ton ) –

[ one 1.1 ton is the limit per pallet]

will only be accepted for delivery at either your given address, unfortunately we cannot send lower quantities.

* A shipping fee will be charged on top our base fee cost per pallet.

* Lead time: 5 to 10 working days during day time for delivery to drive-way.

* If you are outside a Radius area, costs may be more for your delivery – you will be notified if needed.

* A Minimum order of 1 ton ( 1000kg ) will apply for our special service Only Please.

* This service is a special rated service and wood will ONLY be delivered to your drive-way, not unpacked or managed from there.

* The logistics transport manager will phone you to arrange a delivery day and time.

* Please ensure someone is there to accept and help offload where possible on the delivery day

* Any cancellations will incur a 10% pay back fee.

Refund Policy:

* If there are any issues with your Namibian firewood order, please notify us within a maximum of 10 days after the delivery has taken place so we can rectify the issue immediately. We are happy to honour the 10 day window period but anything after 10 days, we accept that the client was satisfied with the goods delivered.

*As for local woods suck as Rooikrans, Blue gum and or wattle types, we do not take any responsibility whatsoever for refunds / swops. It is clear in our description that we do not guarantee these wood types and we understand it is most of the times wet / green, and the customer has to season these wood types themselves as we deal with local harvesters that do business diverently than our Namibian harvesters.

* If we short delivered / wrong delivered, this will be delivered on the next round we are in your area. ( 7 business days )

* Any cancelations prior to delivery will incur a 10% pay back fee.

* If you overpaid us, we shall pay the difference back to you in 7 business days OR you may request CREDIT OR request any addons you would like. By accepting our terms and conditions you also acknowledge that you have read and understood, and accepted our Privacy Policy. Click Here to read our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use