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Curios & Decor

With such a high demand for new and innovative decor designs in homes and offices, Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. are continually exploring and manufacturing one-of-a-kind showpieces to enhance any space. The photos seen in this category are examples of what can be done with Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. products.

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Mopane Roots

The Mopane roots that are sold for decor purposes comes from the roots of the Mopane tree. They grow deep into the ground and are dug out. They are then loaded onto trucks and transported to our factory, here in Cape Town. At our factory, they are cleaned and prepared for sale to our customers. The pieces range from 15cm up to 1,6 meters. They are an exquisite addition to any aquarium. Mopani roots give off a reddish-brown colour, but does not affect the pH levels of the tank. In fact Mopani roots actually soften the water and creates ideal habitats for almost any fish or tropical aquatic creature.
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namibian hardwood mupane roots

Wild Vines

Our wild vines are in great demand with the pet industry due to their amazing and beautifully contorted shapes and colours. Many aviaries sell out the moment these vines arrive in stock, as these beautiful and unique pieces of wood are favourites with inquisitive and active birds, like parrots. These attractive pieces of wood are also greatly sought after by interior designers and wedding planners and used in modern homes and establishments as focal points and centerpieces. With so many companies and individuals going ‘green’ these days, wild vines are guaranteed to create a natural look in your office, home or pet’s play area unlike any other, and definitely one of a kind.
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Designers & Decorators

Whether you are looking to redo an entire room or decorate a table for that special occasion, Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. has the right product for you. We also do customised pieces on special request. (Please note that all photos shown are examples of what can be done with our products).
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namibian hardwood designer and decorators
namibian hardwood gemstones


Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. trades and sells A and B grade gemstones. A grade gemstones are used for the jewellery market. All of our gemstones are legally mined and all the necessary legal permits are in place as well as the documents to trade these stones. B Grade gemstones are used mainly for landscaping and interior decorating purposes. All our gemstones are available in rough or tumbled bags. Please note that Tiger Eye is illegal to harvest or source. However, Tiger Eye Matrix is legal and Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. has ensured that these are the stones we trade and sell. All gemstones sold by Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. are mined, collected and transported under license and those found in rural areas, provide economic relief to the local inhabitants of these communities.
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River Pebbles

Pebbles are used for a variety of purposes, both outdoors and indoors. Pebbles are often used for landscaping, construction and as decorative elements. They are often used to cover walkways and driveways, around pools, in and around plant containers, on patios and decks. River pebbles are also used to create water-smart gardens in areas where water is scarce. These pebbles can be used as tiling for floors and walls and will give any room a beautiful natural and cool look.
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namibian hardwood river pebbles
namibian hardwood desert rocks

Desert Rocks

Rocks have captivated many enthusiasts and geologists for thousands of years. As no two pieces are the same, they can make impressive indoor or outdoor displays. A spectacular example of new rocks being produced is when volcanoes erupt. All rocks mined and sold by Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. are done so under the mining regulations and laws of the Namibian Government and all legal paperwork is in place to transport and export our rocks.
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Red Dune Sand

Our red desert sand is a highly regulated product that we offer to the reptile industry. The sand is legally mined and specially packed in 20kg bags for the reptile industry. The sand is treated and does not contain any lice or other forms of insects or contamination. A highly recommended product for any reptile.
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namibian hardwood red dune sand