Braai Woods

Imagine wood with 6% moisture, a bushveld smell, no smoke, no mess and minimal bark. That’s the perfect braai wood Namibian Hardwood (PTY) Ltd. supplies to clients. More popular than local Rooikrans, Port Jackson and Blue Gum, more and more people are buying from Namibian Hardwood (PTY) Ltd. All our woods are long-lasting woods, which mean they burn hotter and longer, giving off beautiful big flames that not only cook your food and make for a great braai, but also create that wonderful atmosphere of being under an open African sky.

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Braai Extras

We also stock good quality braai extras like Charcoal, Briquettes and Firelighters. Mopani wood is used to make our Charcoal, as it burns the longest and it also makes the heaviest coal. For Briquettes, the Charcoal is compressed, under high pressure, into a pillow-shaped ball. The shape of the briquettes means you need fewer coals to achieve great results. In addition, we stock Firelighters made from paraffin and chopped Apricot kernels. Firelighters are used to start a wood or coal fire. Starting a fire or making coal for a braai should be a breeze with all of these braai essentials.

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Braai Accessories

Whether it’s fish, chicken or meat you’re braaing on the fire, every good braaier needs essential tools to get the job done as effortlessly as possible. From braai tongs, grids and basting brushes, to handle the meat, to gas lighters, braai fans and braai rakes to stoke the fire, Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. has a range of necessary tools to help you make a success of any braai event.

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Exotic Game & Meat

We sell very unique and special products directly from Nature. We strive to protect the environment and not destroy what Nature offers us. That’s why we take every precaution to ensure that we abide by all the laws to not only protect the market we are in, but also to minimise the effects of man-made interferences on our products. This quality control is not restricted to our Game and Meat range, but to every product that comes out of our factory. We strive to ensure that the products we sell to our customers, be it Game and Biltong or Braai Wood or Décor Items, remain as close to the natural products that comes from Mother Earth. All our meat is sold in 10kg packs.

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