Restaurant Charcoal pieces (5cm-18cm) 10kg


The charcoal sold by Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. is made from the  invader/alien species such as various Acacia and other hardwoods. Mopane, however, is the best wood to use to make charcoal as it burns the longest and it also makes the heaviest coal. It is not suitable for indoor fireplaces, especially fireplaces without covers, as the coal makes small shooting pieces and when hot, will ‘jump’ and land on carpets. Charcoal is only sold in 5kg and 10kg bags. The 10kg bags are sold to the restaurant trade and the 5kg sold for domestic braai. The 5kg bags are sifted at 20-50mm and the 10kg are sifted from 50mm and higher, meaning all our bags will contain maximum sized charcoal pieces of 180mm pieces. Please bear in mind that due to transportation, smaller pieces may break off.

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