Camelthorn / Siclewood(Combo)


The Camelthorn/Sicklewood combo contains two woods that complement each other perfectly. The Sicklewood is known for burning hot and cleanly, with a unique flavour that it gives to any meat prepared on it. The wood also produces a passionate, beautiful red colour when it burns. It is naturally dried so it has a low moisture content. Camelthorn is a hardwood that lasts for a very long period, and as a result its perfect for evenings spent socialising. With the combo the intensity of Sicklewood and the duration of Camelthorn comes together to form a great package. Size of wood pieces may differ from batch to batch.

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{Camelthorn (5) + Siclewood (5)} x R70 = R700.00, {Camelthorn (10) + Siclewood (10)} x R69 = R1380.00, {Camelthorn (12) + Siclewood (13)} x R68 = R1700.00, {Camelthorn (27) + Siclewood (28)} x R67 = R3685.00, {Camelthorn (54) + Siclewood (56)} x R65 = R7150.00, {Camelthorn (108) + Siclewood (112)} x R64 = R14080.00