Kameel / Doring mix (Combo)


The most sustainable mixed wood bag we have on offer. Doring mix is a combination of all kinds of mixed invader Thornwoods from Namibia. (Different wood types and batches may differ, therefore we do not guarantee that mixes will be the same each time, may contain some short pieces time to time. Whilst also enjoying the premium quality of Kameeldoring or camelthorn in this combo. The Kameeldoring wood is another hardwood and due to its density is considered an Iron Wood.  Kameeldoring has a density of 936 kg per m3. This species is protected, and not allowed to be harvested when still alive or transported without any legal permits. The wood sold at Namibian Hardwood Pty Ltd. are legal and their density is within the lawful requirements, as we only harvest dead trees which is legal.  Once you’ve got this fire on the go, expect to spend the rest of your evening being ‘transported’ to the bushveld, as the wonderful wild smell of this wood drifts across the air.  Kameeldoring is wonderful for those evenings where you want to socialise and catch up with friends and family.

* Doringmix Pieces could differ in thickness, length and usually not longer than 32cm

* All species provide flames up to 95cm high.

* Burn extremely hot ; great for pizza ovens and fireplaces.

* Quicker burning, smaller coals, quick braai ( yet last longer than local woods )

* Great bushveld smell and taste to meat.

* Whilst Kameeldoring burns longer than Sicklebush and since the coals last longer, there’s time to eat and enjoy the company of loved ones.

* Kameeldoring has a red/orange flame and is tamer than its wild counterpart sicklebush.

• Size of wood pieces may differ from batch to batch.