Mopanie | Mopane (Colophospermum) 18kg


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The mopane tree can live between 800 to 2500 years before it dies and falls over. They are an extremely hard wood and even termites avoid eating them. The reason they may die earlier is due to natural causes such as lightning or drought. Mopane tress love growing between rocks and on mountains. They are a weed and a problem in Namibia. The problem in Namibia is so great that approximately 35 000 tons of alien wood is  exported out of Namibia every month and nearly 80% of this wood is used to make charcoal. It is the longest burning wood that we sell and is the most popular wood for the fireplace. It has a small blue/purple flame and the coals retain their heat long after the fire has died.

Size of wood pieces may differ from batch to batch.

  • Shipping cost dependant on delivery area
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